Veronica Comes Undone: write a review!

Book 1 in the Veronicability trilogy.

Book 1 in the Veronicability trilogy.

Since publication as an ebook on August 24, sales began with a bang but leveled off to a more even and realistic frequency. For those of you who do not know about this, Veronica Comes Undone is my first finished piece of long prose that I finanlly had the courage to publish. It’s not literary fiction (can you tell from the title?) but is more in the romance-contemporary fiction genre, if there is such a thing. Book Ii is underway but was difficult to get back to after the hype and euphoria of the publishing-online event that moved so fast after if pressed “send” – I sold the first copy within 30 minutes – that it’s been difficult to get back into the writing mode. As a suppliment to the publication I started a blog – michaelkfreundt.wordpress.com – where I write about reading and writing, things I do a lot.

Anyway, if and when, you get down to reading it – go to smashwords.com or Kobo, Kindle,  Barnes & Noble etc – you can download it in several formats – it would be great if you could write a review. It doesn’t have to be long; there’s one review already on the smashwords.com site which is only a few lines, but I’m happy to say, the reader ‘got it’ and the review is short but succinct. Oh to find the book on smashwords.com make sure you unblock ‘adult content’, you’ll soon see why.  Happy reading.


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