Works in Progress


Johnny William & the Cameraman is at the 3rd draft stage. Completion and publication online is hoped to be achieved by the end of 2015.

Johnny William & the Cameraman is very different to the Veronica novels; a different genre hence the omission of the author’s middle initial. It is a coming of age story about a young boy growing up on a wheat and sheep farm on the Adelaide Plain, South Australia, in the 1960s. His view of the world and his future is shaped not by the people around him but by his imagination stimulated by, of all things, black and white television. 

This novel has been in devopement for over 20 years and it’s very exciting to get it to this stage with the goal of publishing it this year.



Gulliver’s Travels
Robert Gulliver is a school-boy, 16 going on 32. He may be underage but everything about him, looks, attitude, behaviour, experience, and prospects are absolutely not. An only child, his parents are, at least, unusual and he embarks on a quest to find for himself the family, not only one he needs, but one, he believes, he deserves. Work began on this over 5 years ago but with the project above in their final stages more time can now be allocated to this project.

Currently the first draft of this screenplay is mellowing on the ‘back burner’. I will embark on the second draft shortly.


That Mounting Dune (working title)

A novel about a dying small Australian town. During a violent wind storm the massive sand dune that dominates the town moves and a past crime is discovered. The ‘authorities’ that arrive to investigate the matter are not the police, but the media looking for a sensational story to boost their ratings. A media pack invades. What other secrets will be discovered?

Currently in early stages of a first draft.

This has undergone a radical re-think including a new title, Savoury, the name of the dying town and the name of a film that the media pack is forced to make to justify their existence. It is in the narration of the film that the town’s secrets are revealed.

Still in development.




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